Bring Auto Insurance Discounts Back!

"The 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act" will allow DISCOUNTS for law-abiding consumers who carry insurance. Many consumers are currently held hostage by a restrictive law that inhibits lower prices and greater competition. The passage of this Act will change that and BRING THE DISCOUNTS BACK!"

Rich Atkinson
Founder, PenWest Insurance

We're writing to ask you to please join us in passing the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act, a ballot initiative that will appear on the 2012 statewide ballot.

Passage of the Act will bring back a continuous coverage rating factor—allowing all auto insurance companies to offer consumers a discount for maintaining prior coverage–and create an incentive for uninsured motorists to become insured.
Please read more and consider joining us in this important effort.

California is one of only two states in the country (surprising?) that prohibits insurers from rewarding new-customers with a discount for maintaining automobile insurance with another company. In California, only the consumer's current insurer can offer them a continuous coverage or persistency discount, which discourages consumers from shopping.

The current law is unfair to our clients and it's inconsistent with our desire to provide consumers with the best combination of cost and coverage for their individual needs.

If we are successful in passing the Act, independent agents will be able to compete for consumers who are currently held hostage by direct writing or captive companies.

We cannot pass this Act without your immediate and generous support.

When this discount was last available in California (from 1996 to 2002) we had a more productive and dynamic insurance market. The level of uninsured motorists dropped significantly each year and we were writing more policies.

If history is our guide, imagine the increased number of calls you will get from uninsured motorists seeking coverage and from consumers who are suddenly free to shop their current policies.

This Act is an improvement over Proposition 17. We listened to our clients, the voters and even the opposition, and we made significant changes.

The changes include allowing a discount for men and women serving their country at home or abroad in the military, individuals laid-off or furloughed for up to 18 months, and children living at home with their parents.
Currently uninsured drivers are also given a discount proportional to the number of full years they have had insurance in the previous five years.

The polls show that this common sense change and common sense message are supported by voters. The polls also show that we can win passage of the Act if we can get our message out to voters. We need your generous support to do that.

The American Agents Alliance has established a contribution goal for agents and brokers of $3 per policy in force (PIF). Most agents and brokers are giving at that level, and we respectfully request that you do the same.

If we don't pass the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act, consumers that follow the law will continue to overpay and never receive the discounts they deserve—and, we will lose the opportunity to compete for their business.

To contribute securely online, click here or visit us at and make your contribution. If it is more convenient, click here for a remittance form you can print and send along with your check made payable to the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act and send it to: 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act, 1415 L Street, #410, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Source: American Agents Alliance

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