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BIG Discounts for COMBO business! Feb 6, 2014
Bay Area home owners are receiving BIG DISCOUNTS when they combine their home and auto insurance (in a "package") with Penwest Insurance Services.

WIth many carriers, we can do one consolidated bill to make things easy on you!

And don't forget that Rich Atkinson, our founder, is a California Mortgage Loan Originator and can help with new home purchases and refinance transactions.

Give us a call today!

PENWEST Insurance Services

Penwest Insurance Services, Lic #0817992
Mortgage Services provided by Department of Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Loan Originaot Rich Atkinson
NMLS# 349607


Congratulations to our investor clientswho stayed in the market buying Investment properties on the dips. We are proud to serve your INSURANCE and MORTGAGE needs!

The CoreLogic Home Price index rose 12.2% in May, which was the highest price increase since Feb 2006. Excluding distressed sales, prices rose 11.6%. Home prices nationwide remain 20.4% below their peak which was set in April 2006. The Pending Home Price Index indicates that prices are expected to rise even more (13.2%) in June.

12 month home price appreciation:
• Arizona - 16.9%
California - 20.2%
• Connecticut - 3.8%
• Florida - 11.1%
Nevada - 26%
• New York - 9.8%
• North Carolina - 5.6%
• Tennessee - 5.3%
• Texas - 8.5%

Liftime of Loan FHA Mortgage Insurance? Nov 20, 2012
LIFETIME OF LOAN Mortgage Insurance on FHA Loans?

Breaking News: Swamped with a record $70 billion of claims from residential servicers on loans originated from 2007- 2009, the Federal Housing Administration Friday said it would hike upfront insurance premiums by 10 basis points and aggressively begin selling nonperforming loans at an annual pace of 40,000 units a year. The nonperforming loans sales–which will entail the disposal of only seriously delinquent loans–will commence in February, said FHA acting commissioner Carol Galante. Moreover, not only will the agency hike the MIP, it is setting in place a regulation that will prevent all new mortgagors (going forward) to cancel their MI policy even if the loan-to-value ratio improves during the life of the loan.(READ: NONCANCELLABLE MI…REGARDLESS OF 5 YEARS, 20% EQUITY, OR ANYTHING ELSE…LIFETIME OF LOAN MIP!! OUCH!! rich) At a Washington press conference the agency confirmed that from an accounting standpoint its Mutual Mortgage Insurance fund is in the hole by $16.3 billion (with a negative capital ratio of 1.44%), although it has more than $30.4 billion in cash on hand to pay claims. A new actuarial audit of the MMI, released late Thursday, does not take into account $11 billion in cash that FHA anticipates coming into the agency in the current fiscal year. But HUD and FHA officials declined to say if the MMI might need to tap a line of credit it has with Treasury in the current fiscal year, suggesting that depending on premium hikes, asset management, and income from new books of business the fund may never actually go into the red from a cash flow standpoint. Source: National Mortgage News

To discuss this article, or any question regarding California Mortgage and Home Loans, please call Rich Atkinson at 650-400-6091. Email Rich at

Home Appraisal Valuation Issues Jun 22, 2012

The Good News: Home Prices in the Bay Area are trending UP!

The Bad News: Appraisers (needed for a home purchase or "simple refinance") don't necessarily see it that way

The below article out of the Washington Post describes the situation in detail.

In any case, we are here to provide advise and counsel on the issues at hand.


1) INSURANCE TOOLS: We can counsel with homeowners and/or negotiate with Lenders and Mortgage Companies using various Replacement Cost EstimatorsValuation tools.

2) AMCs: APPRAISAL MANAGMENT COMPANIES: Required to be used by Lenders these days, we work with our AMCs to get the correct appraised value for your home.

Please call our office to discuss any Calfornia Home Insurance or California Home Loan questions you may have.

Low, Low, Low Rates! Home Mortgage and Home Insurance Jan 25, 2012

Mortgage Rates at ALL-TIME LOWS today.

You have heard it on the radio, and seen it on TV.
YES, mortgage rates are at all time lows again.

Now is the time to take advantage of today's low rates.
Want to lower your monthly payments?
Take some cash-out to consolidate debt?
Need money for the student in college?

You may be eligible to skip a payment and fund your insurance needs and property taxes!

Let's talk! Call me today to discuss what we can do for YOU!

Rich Atkinson
Broker and Banker
Direct: 650-400-6091
*Insurance Services provided by PENWEST Insurance Services. Mortgages banked or brokered through USBank, CitiMortgage, Alameda Mortgage, Wells Fargo, and other fine companies.
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